Welcome to First Light Farm & Learning Center

Our farm location has moved:  27307 NE 100th
Street, Carnation

(We’re literally just around the corner from
where we were.)

Welcome to First Light Farm & Learning Center, a small, eco-friendly, certified naturally grown farm in Carnation, Washington established in 2011 by Jane and Don Reis.  Voted as the “Rural Business of King County” in 2016, First Light Farm operates as a membership farm with discounts on u-pick and educational programs, a u-pick farm open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, and a CSA that serves the Seattle neighborhoods of Greenwood and Phinney, where the owners live. Our goal is to provide people with different interests access to sustainably-grown produce, flowers and herbs.

First Light Farm sign

First Light Farm provides a Mini Farm program so individuals and families can grow their own food and have the learning experience of farming on a “mini” scale. Members also receive discounts on classes offered at the farm as well as bulk purchases on selected u-pick items such as cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, etc.

Mike and Diane Byrnes

For u-pick customers (non-members), First Light Farm’s fields and farm stand are open  Saturdays -Sundays, 10:30-6:00 pm, June* through October (in October, we close at 5:00 pm due to available light) when families and individuals can wander the fields and enjoy harvesting their own sustainably-grown vegetables, herbs and flowers at below retail level prices.

family helping to pick dry beans 5

Email us at firstlightfarm@earthlink.net for information on membership and harvest dates, like our Facebook page (facebook.com/firstlightfarm1), view images on Instagram (First Light Farm_Carnation), or text 206-719-8602 (Farmer Jane) to find out what’s ready for harvest!

kids riding in trailer

Besides growing healthy vegetables, herbs and flowers, First Light Farm also provides an agricultural space of peacefulness away from the stresses of urban life, a sanctuary for people as well as the wildlife that live within the ecosystem, and an outdoor classroom where visitors and members can learn about farming, food preparation, and experience the beauty and bio-diversity of the natural ecosystem that First Light Farm is a part of.

day shot of lake

We welcome you to First Light Farm & Learning Center  – where our healthy soils support healthy families & healthy communities!

* Opening day depends on the soil’s readiness for spring planting.  

8 thoughts on “Welcome to First Light Farm & Learning Center

    • Hi Lindsey, First Light Farm is located in Carnation around the corner from Camp Korey. Our address is 8710 Ames Lake-Carnation Rd NE. Please send us an email at firstlightfarm@earthlink.net if you’re interested in learning more about our mini farm program! Farmer Jane

    • Hi Kathy, our farm is located across the street from a large white barn. When our farm is open to the public for u-picking (Thursday -Sundays, 10:30-6 pm) we have quite a number of signs out on the road. Were you looking today? I hope you will come back this week! Farmer Jane

    • Hi Debra, if you can, the best way is to come view the mini farms for yourself. The 2nd best is a phone call: 206-719-8602. Thanks! Farmer Jane

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